Monday, March 31, 2008

This is sooo True!

Take this test!
Just because it's the windy city doesn't mean it's not sunny. And like Chicago, you're a warm and welcoming person who's sincere and down-to-earth. You're a great friend who has both feet on the ground and a steady grip on reality.

Like your city style match, you've got a lot going for you — smarts, sweetness, and, of course, good taste. Lucky for you, Chicago's got plenty to keep you busy and delight your senses, from blues clubs to great restaurants to the Magnificent Mile to Oprah. So pack your bags. Your sensible and sweet style has found its perfect match!
This is SOOOOO TRUE! I tottally LUUUUUV Chicago, it has been my dream city since.... FOREVER! (well.. Chicago, New Orleans and Boston)

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